Zero Gravity Adult Trampoline Bounce Chair & Inflatable Toy Holder Pillow

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Zero Gravity Trampoline is a heavy-duty carbon steel frame, covered with a high-density foam padding, and supported by reinforced nylon webbing, this multi function chair will be strong enough to support a wide variety of sexual positions and activities. Easily assembled, and with removable handrails for flexibility, the chair gives you an amazing variety of position support.

The Bottom Line:

If your imagination is not overly vivid, the position chart included with the chair will introduce you and yours to almost thirty different positions supported by the chair. That should add a little variety to the bedroom. The nylon straps and soft padding on the steel frame give both strength, stability, and comfort. The wide base and handrails give you a secure base of all your positions.

Capacity:       Supports up to 280 lbs.
Material:                 Stainless Steel & TPU
Size:                       48*52*38cm
Products include:   Chair+High elastic belt