Z Retro Body Marbling Kit Party For 500 Standard Or Glow In Dark Party Paint

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Body Marbling Paints are specifically designed to marble your body. Our professional high quality premixed paints will make your next body art party a success. All the materials in our Body Marbling Kits are non toxic. We ship this product worldwide.

  • 32 oz. Body Marbling Black
  • 32 oz. Body Marbling Red
  • 32 oz. Body Marbling Blue
  • 32 oz. Body Marbling Yellow
  • 32 oz. Body Marbling White
  • 1 Huge Package Pre Soak Solution
  • 1 Huge Package Suspension Powder And Water Thickener
  • 4 Droppers

Complete instructions are included with the kit. Paint is similar to finger paint and is water based and non toxic. There are also food grade materials used in the kits. Z Retro will only ship this item within the United States due to weight.