Curved Wedge 2500 Adult Play Inflatable Heavy Duty Sofa Wedge For Couples

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The Curved Wedge 2500 is designed for improving deep position support, this wedge has a non-slip backing that will keep it right where you want it. These heavy duty inflatable sex pillows are are inflatable. You can inflate them manually or with an air pump. It is much easier to purchase the electric air pump for quick use. After you are done, deflate quickly for easy storage. The Curved Wedge 2500 supports a variety of positions and are extremely heavy-duty. The Curved Wedge 2500 is rated to support up to three hundred pounds.

The Bottom Line
The Curved Wedge 2500 heavy-duty PVC liner is covered with soft flocking material and makes it very comfortable. The curved wedge inflates and deflates easily, and can support your body in multiple positions and angles. It can also be used as a sleeping aid or support for yoga and massages.


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