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Sex furniture, also known as erotic or intimate furniture, is used to enhance your experience, support a sexual fantasy, or even assist in making some positions or moves possible that were difficult to do before due to flexibility, endurance, or a physical handicap.

If there is a certain sex position, fantasy, or movement that has been difficult to achieve, you can find the perfect erotic furniture design to make your experience splendid. A great piece of furniture can be the difference between making an experience just all right to absolutely wild.

Think this stuff will be too expensive or won’t fit inside your compact home? Think again. There is a piece of furniture for everything you can think of, at every price point...and even collapsible, hidden, and discrete furniture for those who want to hide their secret fantasies the next time their mother-in-law makes a surprise visit. From studio apartments to larger homes, we’ve found the perfect piece for any setup and desire!


Curved Wedge 2500 Sex Sofa





The Curved Wedge 2500 is designed for improving deep position support, this wedge has a non-slip backing that will keep it right where you want it. These heavy duty inflatable sex pillows are are inflatable. You can inflate them manually or with an air pump. It is much easier to purchase the electric air pump for quick use. After you are done, deflate quickly for easy storage. The Curved Wedge 2500 supports a variety of positions and are extremely heavy-duty. The Curved Wedge 2500 is rated to support up to three hundred pounds.

The Bottom Line
The Curved Wedge 2500 heavy-duty PVC liner is covered with soft flocking material and makes it very comfortable. The curved wedge inflates and deflates easily, and can support your body in multiple positions and angles. It can also be used as a sleeping aid or support for yoga and massages.



 Zero Gravity Adult Trampoline Bounce Chair




Zero Gravity Adult Trampoline Bounce Chair & Inflatable Toy Holder Buy Now Price: $69.99 With Free Shipping.

Whether you are a couple trying to sneak a moment away from life, looking for more comfort during sex due to a physical ailment, or just looking to enrich your sexuality with enhanced pleasure and intense orgasms, this sex furniture is the answer. The Weightless Sex Trampoline Chair is  an awesome chair made of curved tubular steel, articulated in several ways and designed to facilitate otherwise impossible sexual acts.

The Bottom Line:

This chair can help you satisfy your sexual desire. This black love chair can get you into position, keep you in place, prolong your pleasure and even enhance the motion of your sexual play.So what are you waiting for?



 Max Position Inflatable Sex Pillow Package




Max Position Inflatable Sex Pillow Package Buy Now Price: $69.99 

Get three sex pillows to increase comfort and enhance pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The angled design of our Max Position Wedge pillow provides improved access to key romantic areas. It pushes oral sex to a whole new level of excitement and enables a deeper and more satisfying penetration. Max Position Half Moon Wedge and Max Position Cylinder are great for holding your favorite toys.

The Bottom Line:

The sex pillow can help facilitate new sex positions that will result in levels of intensity and satisfaction you've only dreamed of. Get three of these Max Position Pillows for one low price. All Max Position Inflatable Sex Pillows are made to be cleaned easily. Easy to deflate and put away when not in use.